BMW R1200 GS Motorcycle 6V


3 to 6 years


6V 7Ah


Up to 2.5 mph

BMW R1200 GS Motorcycle 6V red
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  • Speed: up to 2.5 MPH
  • Features realistic engine revving sound effects, clear windshield, light-up dashboard and a working LED headlight
  • Working LED headlights
  • Realistic engine revving sound effects for imaginative play
  • Accelerates with a simple twist at the handlebars
  • Rubber strips on tires for added traction and smooth acceleration
  • Suitable for hard surfaces and grass
  • Extra rear support wheels and rubber traction strips keeps kids stable
  • Details mimic the design of BMW motorcycles

Prepare to be thrilled by Rollplay's 6V BMW Motorcycle! This battery-powered ride-on motorcycle combines the sporty flair and sleek luxury of a BMW motorcycle for kids whose imaginations veer toward the excitement of riding a stylish roadster. The rider twists the right handlebar to get the motorcycle moving up to 2.5 MPH. Featuring a working LED headlight, a clear windshield, light-up dashboard, and engine revving sound effects, this is the most realistic motorcycle ride-on available. Rubber traction strips and sturdy support wheels offer better balance and performance as miniature motorists get their bearings.


Introducing the BMW R 1200 Motorcycle