PJ Masks Super Quad 6V


1,5 to 3 years


6V 15 Ah


Up to 2.5 mph

PJ Masks Super Quad 6V blue
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❯❯ 2 MPH forward speed

❯❯ Fun PJ Masks Catboy design kids will love

❯❯ Easy start/stop switch for control

❯❯ Low side step and supported seat for extra stability for young riders

❯❯ Realistic sounds and working headlights

❯❯ Factory applied decals for no fuss assembly

Catboy to the rescue! The Rollplay 6V PJ Masks Quad is a great choice for first time drivers. Traveling up to 2 MPH, young children who are still getting their bearings have the chance to gain confidence and balance. Low side steps and a supported seat enhances your child’s comfort. Ride over bumps with ease with durable plastic tires. An easy finger press start/stop switch puts your little one in control. Realistic sounds and working headlights add to the fun.

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