6 years +


12V 7Ah


Up to 4 mph

Uprider red
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  • Simply use the finger trigger to power the Up-rider while the rubber traction wheels and support casters assist with easy-to-control driving
  • Easy to maneuver and turn by tilting the handlebars left or right
  • Spin in style! Effortlessly navigate tight turns and corners
  • Two training wheels for extra stability
  • Speeds up to 4 MPH
  • Automatic power off while stopped
  • Adjustable handle bar for the perfect fit

The Rollplay 12V Up-Rider takes riding to the next level: standing! Stand and glide on this 12V ride-on toy at speeds up to 4 mph. Designed for ages 5 and up, the Up-rider offers thrills and fun with its tilt motion control and steering. Tilt the handlebars left or ride to glide in either direction, spin in style, effortlessly turn corners, navigate the neighborhood! Glide and spin with this incredibly easy-to-use upright battery ride-on. Just stand and go!


Introducing the Uprider