8 years +


24V 5Ah


Up to 12 mph

Turnado black

  • 12 MPH forward speed ride-on offers thrills and excitement with 360 degree drift action
  • Has versatile torque steering capabilities: turns, twists, drifts, and spins!
  • 24V dual motor drive for reliable use
  • Pneumatic wheels provide deeper tread and smoother road contact
  • Dynamic speed and braking for better control

For the excitement of a true racing experience, look no further than the Turnado - an all new, unique motorized four wheel ride-on from Rollplay! Specially designed for older children looking for big thrills, the Turnado promises adventurous speeds, hair-raising spins and twists, and riveting drift action. With a 24-Volt battery-power dual drive system that can create speeds as high as 12 MPH, this ride-on is the most action-filled racing experience a young rider can enjoy!


Meet the Rollplay Turnado

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