Nighthawk NexGen


6 years +




Up to 6 mph

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  • Low-riding, sleek design with foot throttle and easy steer handlebars allow for easy lean to turn steering and the ability to make tight and quick turns
  • High power 24V lithium ion battery allows riders to cruise, steer, turn and twist at variable speeds up to 6.5 MPH!
  • One-step fold for easy storage and transport! Release wings with just a push of a button to cruise in seconds!
  • Only weighs 19.84 lb. and folds up to make it easy to store and allows you to take it anywhere you go!

Rollplay Nighthawk NexGen

Meet the newest member of the Nighthawk fleet by Rollplay! The 24V Nighthawk NexGen takes the thrill to another level with the high power 24V lithium ion battery that allows you to cruise, steer, turn and twist at variable speeds up to 6.5 MPH! With the unique steering technique and low-riding design, you can spin around obstacles. The foot throttle and handlebars allows you to make easy and quick turns around anything your way. The Nighthawk NexGen includes a quick release folding system so you can start cruising at any time. When you're done, quickly pop the foot pedals and wings back in. Lightweight and compact, the Nighthawk NexGen can be carried anywhere you want to ride! The Rollplay 24V Nighthawk NexGen measures 31.49" x 29.13" x 9.13" when opened and 28.27" x 11.77" x 9.13" when folded. It is suitable for children ages 6 years and up, weighing up to 110 pounds. Backed by a 1 year warranty and the support of a dedicated U.S. Customer service team. Master the thrill with Rollplay's 24V Nighthawk NexGen!