Mercedes GL 450


3 to 6 years


6V 7Ah


Up to 2.5 mph

Mercedes GL 450 white
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❯❯ Details mimic a real Mercedes to inspire imaginative play

❯❯ Play music on the integrated MP3 player with speakers

❯❯ Features realistic engine noises and horn, and working LED headlights

❯❯ Two opening doors allow children to get in and out of the vehicle easily

❯❯ Rubber traction strips on tires for sturdy cruising

❯❯ Clear windshield, folding mirrors, and cup holder

The 6V Mercedes battery-powered toy is a sleek, fun and exciting ride for any young driver! The luxury ride-on drives at 2.5 mph and comes loaded with features like working LED headlights, an MP3 Jack and a working radio. Press the sounds on the steering wheel for realistic car sounds, and use the two opening doors to climb in and out. Built for kids aged 3 and above, the 6V Mercedes has a premium design with a clear windshield, folding mirrors and realistic chrome rims. Rubber traction strips on the wheels let your child cruise on multiple surfaces.


Introducing the Mercedes-Benz GL 450

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