GMC Yukon Denali Fire Rescue 6V


3 to 6 years


6V 7Ah


Up to 2.5 mph

GMC Yukon Denali Fire Rescue 6V red
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  • Details mimic a real fire rescue car to inspire imaginative play
  • Features realistic engine noises and horn, and working LED headlights
  • Play your music on the integrated MP3 player with speakers
  • Two opening doors allow children to get in and out of the vehicle easily
  • Clear windshield, folding mirrors, and cup holder
  • Rubber traction strips on tires for sturdy cruising

Roll to the rescue in the 6V GMC Yukon Denali Fire Rescue from Rollplay! Aspiring firefighters will be thrilled by this ride-on toy emergency vehicle packed with super realistic features, right down to the flashing headlights, working loudspeaker and push button-activated sounds. With two opening front doors and a storage compartment, your pint-sized hero will love the imaginative play this unique ride-on inspires. The 6V GMC Yukon Denali Fire Rescue SUV has a speed capability of 2.5 MPH, making it fun for young riders but safe enough to give parents peace of mind. The rubber non-slip traction strips on each tire ensure stability and give the 6V GMC Yukon SUV the ability to handle multiple terrains. Of course, riding is only half the fun: when you consider the quality of this ride-on, it really comes to life! Watch your child smile, giggle, and play with delight when he/she hears the awesome real-life sound effects and uses the working loudspeaker to alert onlookers of a rescue mission in progress! LED headlights light up in the front while the vehicle is in motion and your mini-firefighter can activate the horn, engine sounds, or emergency flashers. Finally, with a trunk that opens to store important tools (and toys!), this ride will make your child feel like he/she is driving the real-life firetruck. Your kids will feel like real emergency responders as they zoom past at a maximum speed of 2.5 MPH in either forward or reverse drive.

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