Footie Car


1 to 4 years



Footie Car black

  • Padded and washable seat
  • LED front headlight options (turn signal, parking light and hazard warning lights)
  • Different sounds in the steering wheel
  • Hinged storage compartment
  • Whisper tires

Footie Car

Would you rather drive yourself or have someone else do all the work for you?
In Rollplay’s Footie Car, tiny drivers from one to four years old are spoilt for choice: Simply push off with their feet and cruise along at their own speed, or have Mommy or Daddy drive them. Simply tie a rope to the front, and off you go! This cool push car features black-and-red Rollplay design, an ergonomic, padded, removeable and washable seat and light and sound effects that can be turned on and off work at the push of a button on the steering wheel. But when you’re cruising around the playroom, of course you’ll want to take your plushie friends with you, don’t you? The hatch at the front of the vehicle gives you enough space to take all your favorite toys on your adventure. The Footie Car’s compact size will fit any car trunk, so it’s great to take along when travelling.


Footie Car