Mercedes GL 450


3 to 6 years


6V 7Ah


~ 4 km/h

Mercedes GL 450 black Mercedes GL 450 pearl white

Cruise the yard and the sidewalk in superior style on the Rollplay 6V Mercedes GL SUV, the battery-powered ride-on that has the look and feel of the original SUV's off-road luxury. Pedal activated power makes this truly unique ride-on go up to 2.5 MPH at forward and reverse speeds controlled by a gearshift in a center console - just like the real thing! Your child will revel in the endless fun of pretending to drive the Mercedes GL anywhere with the other realistic features, including working LED headlights, button-activated horn and engine noises, and two opening doors. With so many details resembling the real thing, young drivers will never want to stop cruising!


Introducing the Mercedes-Benz GL 450