Wave Catcher


8 years +




Up to 10 mph

Wave Catcher black

  • Combines scooter, skateboard, and electric power for a one-of-a-kind experience, perfect for street surfing in style throughout your neighborhood
  • The Flex Handlebar makes steering left and right easy with either hand (or one-handed!) while the three wheels allow for smooth turns. Use your body weight to steer by leaning left or right, just like a skateboard!
  • Electric motor provides up to 10 MPH of speed. Choose between a top speed of 6 or 10 MPH using the simple button under the deck.
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Powered by a lightweight, long-lasting 24-volt lithium battery with a quick recharge so you can get back on the scooter sooner!
  • Folds for easy transport and compact storage

Experience street surfing with the Wave Catcher from Rollplay! The Wave Catcher combines scooters, skateboards, and electric power for a one of a kind ride. It's designed with an aluminum skateboard deck that tilts from side-to-side, providing a surfing sensation in an electric scooter. Powered with a long-lasting 24-volt lithium battery, your child can cruise and carve at thrilling speeds up to 10 MPH. Control the speed with a switch below the board that allows you to choose between 5 & 10 MPH as the max speed. The Flex Handlebar puts you in control even during extreme tilting action. Dual push-button throttles allows you to soar down the street with either hand, while leaning in and out of turns. When it's not in use, simply fold it up for convenient storage. Catch the waves of the streets with this revolutionary electric scooter.


Introducing the Wave Catcher