Chevy Tahoe Police SUV 6V


3 to 6 years


12V 7Ah


Up to 2.5 mph

Chevy Tahoe Police SUV 6V black

  • Details mimic a real police car to inspire imaginative play
  • Features realistic engine noises and horn, and working LED headlights
  • Play your music on the integrated MP3 player with speakers
  • Two opening doors allow children to get in and out of the vehicle easily
  • Clear windshield, folding mirrors, and cup holder
  • Rubber traction strips on tires for sturdy cruising

Race to the rescue with the Rollplay 6V Chevy Tahoe Police SUV battery ride-on vehicle. Kids will have endless fun riding around in this unique police SUV, which looks just like the real thing and is packed with realistic features. The Tahoe's 2.5 MPH forward and reverse speeds, two opening doors for easy access and safe driving, and a trunk storage compartment all add to the fun. The Chevy Yukon Police SUV also features all the sights and sounds of an actual law enforcement vehicle: a working loudspeaker, push-button siren noises, engine sounds, horn, and flashing red and blue lights! Plus, this unique ride-on includes an MP3 jack in the realistic dashboard, so off-duty aspiring cops can cruise along to their favorite tunes.